Make your JavaScript apps crawlable by Google.

SEO.js makes your AngularJS, BackboneJS or EmberJS apps crawlable by Google to make them appear in search results.

How does it work?

Integrate SEO.js on your server

We provide you with an integration snippet that you copy and paste to your server's configuration. Whether you're using Apache, Nginx, Ruby on Rails, Node.js or something else.

Prerender HTML snapshots

When you add your site in the SEO.js dashboard we will visit your pages and generate HTML snapshots for each one with all the dynamic content fully rendered. We make sure that the snapshots are updated regularly.

Let crawlers see content

When search engine crawlers like Googlebot visit your page they instantly see the fully rendered SEO content because we deliver the pre-rendered version of the page from the snapshot.


Easy setup

Just add your page in the SEO.js dashboard and paste the integration snippet to your web server's config. That's all.

Fully managed

When everything is set up you don't need to care about SEO.js anymore. It just keeps working in the background.

Keeps track of changes

If you make any changes to your site or add new pages SEO.js will find it out and send the updated content to Google.

Fast page loads

Search engines love pages that load fast. SEO.js uses Amazon's Cloudfront CDN to make sure your pages are indexed with ultra low-latency.

Reliability built-in

We can't eliminate outages so we designed for them. Using Amazon's highly available infrastructure your pages are available even if our servers go down.

Auto-generated sitemaps

If you don't already have a sitemap.xml on your site SEO.js automatically creates one for you so search engines can easily discover which URLs to index.

Let bots see the content on your site now!